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Check Of Suspicious Vehicle Results In Drug Seizure

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

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Rangers John Goodwin and Mike Yost were on patrol in the Merrie Way parking lot on the morning of January 26th when they came upon a van with shades and blankets covering all of its windows. When they approached it, they could smell the odor of marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle. Contact was made with the occupants; the woman gave the rangers a New York license, but the man claimed he didn’t have any identification. During the interview, he provided false information regarding his identity. Goodwin and Yost had them get out of the van, then searched it. Inside they found baggies of a black tar substance, marijuana roaches, marijuana buds, smoking devices and 3.2 pounds of marijuana and 9.2 grams of psilocybin. Both were placed under arrest and transported to a US Park Police holding facility. The man was found to have a no bail warrant against him out of San Diego, but it could not be confirmed because no photo identification could be obtained (San Francisco County detention facilities require photo documentation). Both were charged with several violations and released with a promise to appear in federal court.


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