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Severe Weather, Slide Cause Park Closures

Haleakala National Park

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Recent and continuing severe weather has caused hazards which have forced park staff to temporarily close access to portions of the park. Early yesterday morning, a large boulder fell and slid onto the roadway of Crater Road just beyond the 15 mile marker, effectively closing the road to traffic. Park staff and sunrise visitors at the summit above the slide were prevented from descending down Crater Road until the debris was cleared around 8:30 a.m. and traffic could be safely allowed through the area. Additional geologic instability in the same area continued to pose unacceptable risks, which forced park staff to re-close Crater Road due to the high rock slide hazard. All visitor traffic (including commercial use traffic) is currently being halted at the headquarters visitor center. Campers at Hosmer Grove campground were encouraged to evacuate the campground in response to local flood warnings for adjacent streams and storm drain swales. Severe weather reported by park staff working in the summit valley also prompted the superintendent to temporarily close the backcountry. A number of trails and the park’s popular backcountry cabins are affected by the temporary closure. At the time of the report yesterday evening, the National Weather Service had issued multiple hazardous weather advisories affecting the park, including flashflood warnings, flashflood watches and flood advisories. No damage or injuries have been reported or recorded within the park. Staff are continuing to monitor conditions.


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