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First-Ever Servicewide Dive Leadership Session Held

Biscayne National Park

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Biscayne National Park hosted the first-ever Servicewide NPS dive leadership workshop last week. Sessions included program administration, leadership skills, and in-water exercises designed to develop skills to safely manage, train and evaluate divers for certification. 

Throughout the Service, NPS divers perform core management activities in law enforcement, search and recovery, interpretation, facilities management, natural and cultural resource management and research.  In 2009, 171 divers from 25 dive programs conducted 7800 dives and logged 6674 hours of bottom time. The NPS dive program is the first civilian dive program in the federal government. 

Fourteen park dive officers or dive examiner candidates from the following parks or units attended:  Big Cypress NP, Biscayne NP, Buck Island Reef NM, Caribbean and South Florida Inventory and Monitoring Network, Channel Islands NP, Crater Lake NP, Death Valley NP, Dry Tortugas NP, Everglades NP, Lake Mead NRA, National Park of American Samoa, and St. Croix NSR.  Instructors from Biscayne NP, Isle Royale NP and Virgin Islands NP conducted the course with the assistance of the incoming NPS dive safety officer.

For more information about the NPS dive program, contact Brett Seymour, chair of the National Dive Control Board, at


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