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Parks in Focus hike hosted by Pictured Rocks NL

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

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On Friday, August 20, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore hosted a lively group of twenty 11-14 year old photographers with the Michigan Parks in Focus group as part of the Stewart Udall Foundation. 

Chief of Heritage Education Gregg Bruff lead the group for a five mile hike into the Beaver Basin Wilderness.  The hikers discovered bear poop, some fantastic things to zoom in on with their pocket cameras, and handfuls of ripe huckleberries.  Bret Muter was the Parks in Focus group leader along with three other staff.  The kids were from the Newago County in lower Michigan and recruited through the Boys and Girls Club of Newaygo County and the Muskegon River Valley Chapter of Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Parks in Focus began in 1999 with an idea:  take a group of underserved kids to nearby parks and open their eyes to the wonders of nature by focusing their gaze through the lens of a camera.  The group had a great time and the huckleberries were yummy.  The kids were ready for a nap on the van before they ventured onto Lake Superior for a 2.5 hour excursion with Pictured Rocks Cruises. 


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