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Man Arrested For Assaulting Two Others In Park

Muir Woods National Monument

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Rangers received a report of an assault in the park around 8 p.m. on the evening of July 28th. Also responding were Marin County deputies and Mount Tamalpais State Park rangers. Upon arrival, NPS rangers Ryan Wright and Josh Bennoch were told that one victim had been found and that a second was hiding off-trail because he was afraid that his assailant was still looking for him. Wright and Bennoch, two state park rangers and Marin County EMS began a search of the trail, found the man, and escorted him back to the Muir Woods parking lot. While on their way out, the man described the events that had taken place and also provided a thorough description of his assailant – including a photo of him. Both victims were transported to Marin General Hospital. Rangers Anne Leone and Matthew Harrison accompanied the EMS personnel to the hospital, interviewed the two men, and took photographs of their injuries. While a search for the suspect was being planned with responding agencies, Bennoch and supervisory park ranger Ron Heeren drove back on the paved portion of the trail in Muir Woods in an electric cart and eventually located the suspect at Bridge Four, where he was detained and escorted back to the parking lot. He was soaking wet and told Bennoch and Heeren that he’d been hot and jumped into Redwood Creek to cool down after the fight. He was also transported to Marin General Hospital. Rangers from both agencies determined that one assault occurred on state park property and the second assault occurred on national park property. The first victim suffered a fractured facial orbit and other cuts and bruises; the second victim had pronounced bite marks, cuts and scrapes. Their assailant suffered broken bones in his hand.  Blood was also drawn from the suspect and taken to the Santa Rosa Crime Lab for analysis. After receiving treatment for his injuries, he was arrested and taken to the Marin County jail. Rangers from both agencies contacted the Marin County District Attorney’s Office, where it was determined that the suspect will be charged with two counts of felony assault as well as two counts of misdemeanor battery. Ranger Ryan Wright and a California State Park ranger are leads on the case.


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