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Several Visitors Rescued From Rip Current

Cape Lookout National Seashore

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On Thursday, July 22nd, protection rangers Erin Lamm and Joe Lamm received a report that five visitors were caught in a rip current off the ocean beach near the Cape Lookout Lighthouse. When the rangers arrived on location, Cape Lookout interpreters were already assisting with the rescue. Park guide Molly Andrews was assisting five visitors – all foreign exchange students – out of the water at the beach’s edge. Erin Lamm saw that there was still one visitor – a family host – who was caught in the rip current quite a distance from the beach and having difficulty getting back to shore. She swam to the man using a torpedo buoy and assisted him back to the beach, where he was given emergency medical care. Ranger/EMT Joe Lamm provided emergency medical care to the victims on the beach and communicated with Carteret County dispatch for assistance. Ultimately, all the visitors declined further medical attention. Erin Lamm was well prepared for this incident due to the fact that two weeks earlier Cape Lookout interpretation and protection staff, along with local rescue personnel, attended a surf rescue training class at the park. The training is designed to teach park staff surf rescue techniques and to inform them of what is within and, more importantly, what is beyond their capabilities. 


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