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Korean War Armistice Day Commemorated

Korean War Veterans Memorial

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A ceremony was held at the Korean War Memorial this week to mark the 15th anniversary of the memorial’s dedication and to commemorate both the July 1953 signing of the agreement that instituted the current armistice between North and South Korea and the United States’ involvement in that war.

National Mall and Memorial Parks Superintendent John Piltzecker welcomed Republic of Korea Ambassador Duk-soo Han and joined many U.S. and Korean War veterans at the commemoration at the Korean War Veterans Memorial – a ceremony filled with remembrances of sacrifices made.  

Approximately 300 visitors were present for the event, which included a Korean folk dance troupe performing traditional Korean dances and music.  All branches of the military, the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, the Maryland Wing of the Civil Air Patrol band, and numerous Korean War Veterans of Foreign War Posts were present.  

A formal wreath-laying ceremony followed speeches from both U.S. and Korean military officials. Wreaths placed at the Korean War Veterans Memorial included wreaths from the Korean War Veterans Armistice Day Coordinating Committee, the Republic of Korea, and the National Park Service. Civilian floral tributes were placed followed with the sounding of "taps" to conclude the program.

The Korean War broke out June 25, 1950 and continued for three years, involving 1.5 million Americans in combat and support roles alongside troops from other countries, all fighting under the United Nations banner.


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