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Motorcyclist Arrested After Pursuit, Manhunt

Assateague Island National Seashore

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While on patrol on July 19th, seasonal ranger George Walton saw a motorcyclist riding without a helmet. Despite the operator’s attempt to hide within the congestion created by a “pony jam,” Walton was able to find him and obtain a Maryland ID card. While running checks on him, the operator approached Walton with clenched fists and other indicators of aggression. Walton responded by ordering him to stop; as he reached for his taser, the man returned to his motorcycle and fled – minus his ID card. Walton pursued and was soon joined by another ranger and a Maryland Department of Natural Resources officer. The operator left the island at a high rate of speed and soon disappeared, so the officers terminated the pursuit and summoned additional help. A total of eight rangers and officers began searching the area and interviewing witnesses. A DNR officer employed his mobile data terminal to obtain a good image of the man and a description of his motorcycle. Shortly thereafter, he found the bike at a large campground/amusement park about four miles from Assateague. Rangers employed their mobile phone cameras to capture the man’s image from the mobile data terminal, then began sweeping the area in a search for him. Ranger Dana Condron came upon a man who resembled the photo and called him by name. Although the man initially denied his identity, he soon admitted to being the person they were looking for. A check by dispatch revealed that the man had eight prior DUI convictions and that his license had been suspended and revoked. He was again found intoxicated in this contact.


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