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Body Found In Surf At Park Beach

Cape Cod National Seashore

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Several people walking along a park beach just north of Ballston on the afternoon of June 24th found a man’s body in the surf. This section of beach is somewhat remote and no one was in the area where the body was found until the walkers made their observation. Rangers responded and investigated. There was no identifying information on the body or on the beach nearby. The rangers interviewed people on the beach and found that the man had recently been seen walking the beach but that nobody knew who he was. Rangers and Truro police assisted state police in the on-scene investigation and with the removal of the body. Recent storms made normal access to this beach more difficult, so rangers also had to assist other agencies responding to the scene. The man was not identified until the next day, when rangers found an unsecured residence in the area and a vehicle in the driveway that turned out to be the victim’s. He was found to be a 76-year-old man from New York City who owned the house and had come there by himself. The medical examiner has not yet determined the cause of death.  North District Ranger Craig Thatcher is the primary investigator.


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