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Fossils Will Rest in Peace, not Pieces, during Construction

Dinosaur National Monument

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The custom designed structure over the fossil wall is complete at the Quarry Exhibit Hall in Dinosaur National Monument. The structure will protect remain in place and protect the wall of fossils during the construction of the new building.

“Protecting the workers and the fossils are of primary concern during construction,” stated superintendent Mary Risser. “The protective covering provides layers of protection for the fossils and provides a safe, stable platform for the contractors to work on the building’s roof structure from inside.”

A scaffold and truss system provides the skeleton to hold numerous layers of protective material. Horizontally over the fossils, a fire blanket protects the fossils and protective covering in the unlikely event of fire. Two layers of plywood and a layer of steel, in conjunction with the scaffold and truss, provides a sturdy barrier against heavy objects dropping from above. A two-inch layer of foam absorbs the energy of objects falling from above. A layer of plastic provides a moisture barrier between the construction area and the fossils. Finally, the bottom most layer of rope/mesh is designed to catch any residual objects that might happen to get through the layers above. A vertical wall is the final protective piece that encloses the fossils in their own protective chamber during throughout the construction. This custom designed system provides maximum protection to the fossil wall and a safe elevated platform for workers.

During the next month, the contractor will be removing the crane over the fossil wall, internal building walls, and mechanical equipment.


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