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Volunteers Help Reestablish Park’s Cultural Landscape

Minute Man National Historical Park

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On May 18th, 25 employees of Timberland, the outdoor gear manufacturer, came to volunteer at Minute Man National Historical Park in support of the park’s efforts to increase working agriculture and restore more of the park’s active cultural landscape. Timberland has a commitment to performing service projects that support the environment.

As part of its efforts to preserve the scene of the first day of the American Revolution, the park preserves a tradition of agriculture dating back to the 17th century.  Here are the fields shaped by the “embattled farmers” who fought to defend their rights.  Some of the fields are still actively farmed through the park’s leasing program, but many areas have become overgrown with brush, invasive plants and new growth forest. 

The park is restoring much of the agrarian landscape through a project made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) as well as through park partners such as the Farm School and Battle Road Farms, a collaborative of educational farms which is working to increase the amount of agricultural activity within the park and expand the agricultural interpretation and education that is offered to park visitors.

The volunteers installed fencing and built an animal shelter.  This will enable Battle Road Farms to bring in more cattle and pigs that will evoke colonial times, when most of the landscape was used for grazing livestock.  Park visitors are very enthusiastic about seeing the farm animals, and have told park staff that the animals add a lot to the historic scene. 

The park is very grateful to all of its partners and volunteers for their support of farming at the park.


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