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Joined July 31, 2007 13:12
First Name delacruz
Last Name family
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Bio we are the Delacruz Family. Mom, Dad, daugher & son. We decided 3 years ago to visit all the National & State Parks in the USA. We have a National Park Passport and the kids take turns stamping at the parks. My kiddos have Junior Rangers Badges from several different parks. Yes, they would rather go to Disney World instead but we figure that will drag them along while we can.....then we will go by ourselves.
Total Entries: 23
Date Park Comments
2007-06-27 Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument This place was nice. We sat in a Park Ranger lecture. We only seen the petrified tree stumps. The fossils were at the end of a 1hr hike. Got stamped and kids got their Junior Ranger Badge.
2007-06-26 Rocky Mountain National Park We enjoyed the park very much. It was hard to find the park entrance. We did not get to hike very much but the kids did get their Junior Ranger Badge. We drove a trail road for 3 miles. Steep drop offs, not a road for people afraid of heights. go...
2007-06-25 Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park This is the Grand Canyon of Colorado. This place was beautiful. We only stayed 30 minutes or so. We took some pictures, video and stamped our passbook. Car Entrance fee was $15 I think the highest that we have seen ever.
2007-06-24 Mesa Verde National Park GREAT PLACE!! Every site requires some kind of hiking. We went on the Balcony House tour. We had to hike down then climb a 15ft ladder then after it was over we had to climb a 10ft ladder. The Spruce House is a self guided walking tour. All was ve...
2007-06-23 Chimney Rock National Historic Site We were kind of disappointed. They only have guided tours twice daily & we didn't have time to stay. Mosquitos were awful! Hummingbirds are plentiful! Not a National Park or Mounment so they did not have a stamp. I used their return address stamp...
2007-06-23 Capulin Volcano National Monument We interesting. Not a very long hike to the bottom. My daughter has asthma but she was not bothered by the hike. Sun beams down in the cone and with the dark lava beds reflecting it was very hot. got stamped
2007-06-23 Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve This place was GREAT! There is a running stream about 6in deep,like a beach. Perfect for the little ones to play in the mud...ok the bigs one too. Cold water from melting snow from mountains behind dunes. Got hot on the dunes..very pel...
2006-08-12 San Antonio Missions National Historical Park All working Catholic Mission except for The Alamo. All very well kept and beautiful grounds. Visited all 5 Missions. THE ALAMO - all tourist attraction. MISSION CONCEPCION - some original artwork on walls, biggest. MISSION SAN JOSE - biggest...
2006-06-29 Petrified Forest National Park Another one of God's creations. These rocks are beautiful. The kiddos were a little tired so they did not walk the whole park...their loss. PAINTED DESERT: Was gorgeous!!! Beautiful colors. Newspaper Rock Petrogylphs is on the Nat'l Register ...
2006-06-28 Grand Canyon National Park Heaven on earth!!!! Overwhelming and scary at the same time. Fires on the north rim so it was a little smoky in the canyon. Took the tram on the south rim. Not much to do it you are just going to look down like we did. Plan is to return when kids...
2006-06-26 Wupatki National Monument Closed due to high fire status. Catch it later on in life.
2006-06-26 Walnut Canyon National Monument Closed due to high fire status. Catch it later on in life. Sedona fires burning.
2006-06-26 Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Closed due to high fire status. Catch it later on in life. Sedona fires burning.
2006-06-26 Tonto National Monument OMGosh!! Avoid Apache Trail!!! Not a short cut!!! Our butts hugged the seats...over 40% grades on 1 1/2 lane gravel road with cutbacks, no rails or turnabouts. With that said....we liked this place. Hiking up steep mountain but has a winding paved...
2006-06-26 Montezuma Castle National Monument Short hike to get to ruins. Ruins in the cliff with no access. Need binoculars to see details. Take only pictures.
2006-06-26 Tuzigoot National Monument Ruins look as if they have been reconstructed. Kind of disappointing.
2006-06-25 Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Extremely HOT!!! Ruins are not well kept. They are roped off so we could not enter...just walked around them. Too HOT to the car we went. Spent less than 15mins here.
2005-06-15 Carlsbad Caverns National Park We love caves!! Hold your breath when entering.... bat quango. Take a flashlight the lights are dim making it hard to see formations. Snack bar at the bottom. We were not prepared to stay so long it took us over 4hrs to complete.
2005-06-14 Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument Consists of 3 ruin sites miles apart. Quarai, Abo & Gran Quivira Ruins. Quarai was my favorite. Beautiful ruins with high walls still retaining their rich red adobe color. It felt the spirits at this place. Abo & Gran were great too. Gran Quivira...
2005-06-14 White Sands National Monument Heavenly place. Got there too late...the sun came down and we did not get to enjoy as much as we would have liked. The kids rolled down the hills. Watch out for the sunburns!!
2005-06-13 Petroglyph National Monument Hiking up a mountain we like but in the hot summer not so much. Lots of petroglyphs but they are widespread. Some are very faded.
2005-06-13 Coronado National Memorial Monument very small and everything was roped off. They had a reconstructed kiva that we were allowed to enter but we could not take in pictures in there.
2005-06-12 Bandelier National Monument Loved this place!!! Lot of area to cover for the kids. Missed opportunity to see some cliff dwelling. Kids too little to climb the two sets of 30ft ladders.


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