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Overview of Katmai Cluster

Katmai National Park and Preserve


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Overview of Katmai Cluster
Aerial view southeastward over Novarupta toward Trident and Mount Katmai. In foreground, 1912 vent depression extends 2.5 km from Broken Mountain at left to 400-m-high scarp of Falling Mountain dacite dome at right. Vent funnel was backfilled by ignimbrite and fallback ejecta, deformed by compaction, and plugged by the 380-m-wide Novarupta rhyolite dome, which is surrounded by a strongly asymmetrical ejecta ring that consists mostly of fallout from the eruptions of June 7th and 8th in 1912. At upper left, Katmai caldera is centered 10 km east of Novarupta; its inner southeast wall is visible through the saddle adjacent to twin summits on west rim. On central rangecrest are four prominent peaks of the Trident group: The eastern two are glaciated remnants of East Trident volcano; the highest is Trident I volcano, and 3 km directly behind Novarupta is West Trident volcano. Partly hidden behind West Trident is the black cone of Southwest Trident (1953-1974) and its lava-flow apron in Katmai Pass and Mageik Creek. Low grey lobes in left middle-distance at foot of East Trident and Mount Katmai are Knife Creek Glaciers, still covered by 1912 ejecta. On the horizon are Katmai Bay, Shelikof Strait, and Kodiak Island.


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